Zulu Mien

Zulu Mien

Designed and produced using traditional beading styles and techniques practiced for centuries in Southern Africa. Zulu Mien remains true to the original patterns and techniques employed by the Nguni tribes of Southern Africa.

Beading techniques employed have been passed down over the centuries from mother to daughter and are steeped in rich cultural practices and tradition. Zulu Mien is not mass produced for the commercial jewelry market. It is handcrafted from start to finish.

Beadwork is produced by hand without the use of a loom or any other tools and each bead is individually sewn into the pattern by hand. The highest quality Czech and Japanese glass beads are used in the production process. We use the best quality Japanese beading thread that does not fray.

Our pieces are produced by hand in small quantities by a trusted jeweller. Precious metals are sourced ethically from a precious metal refinery that is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Select pieces of jewelry are branded with a hand stamped logo on a sterling silver disk - the customer can be assured they have acquired a genuine Zulu Mien piece, manufactured to strict quality standards, and adhering to ethical practices.